Whole Home Water Filter System

Enjoy Clean Water and Avoid Health Risks

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Uncover Savings With a Water Filter System for Home

We use tap water for everything, so don’t you want to know what is in it? ONIT Home offers free water tests so you know exactly what is in your water. From there, we offer consultations to set you up with a top-quality, professional installed water filter system for your home.

Enjoy bottle quality water without having to worry about purchasing an endless supply of plastic bottles. With the average person buying 43.7 gallons of bottled water a year, the overall cost adds up. By adding a water filtration system for home with ONIT Home, you’re able to cut out water bottles for good. Our water systems not only help you stay healthy but also uncover hidden savings on your household expenses. The average family of four saves over $4,350 throughout five years just by eliminating costs from bottled water, disposable filters, plumbing, and appliance maintenance. Step into your future with cost-saving choices from ONIT Home’s limited lifetime warranty on whole home water filtration systems. Visit us at www.onithome.com to get started on your savings.

Enjoy Clean Water Straight Out of the Tap With a Reverse Osmosis Water System

The top choice for your home filtration system is a reverse osmosis water system, professionally installed with ONIT Home. A reverse osmosis system cleans water through multiple chambers and stages, giving you clean and tasty water straight out of the tap. So, how does it work?

  1. In the first stage, the water moves through a Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Module. This removes traces of chlorine and microscopic debris from the water.
  2. Then, the water goes into the second stage: the Reverse Osmosis Chamber. Here, the tiny particles, pollutants, fluoride, and trihalomethanes are trapped and removed by the pre-filters.
  3. Third, the water goes through the Granular Activated Carbon. This stage removes organic and odorous chemicals, such as hydrogen sulfide.
  4. The last stage is the In-Line Polishing Filter. Here, the water’s pH is boosted, and any remaining tastes and odors are removed. This gives bottle quality taste straight from your tap, every time.

This system is professionally installed out of sight, giving you extra storage space in your kitchen. Say so long to the days of filling your filtered pitchers when you welcome a low-maintenance and high-quality whole home filtration system. Visit us at www.onithome.com/water to find out how you can have a reverse osmosis system installed into your home.

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Transform Your Water With a Home Water Softener System

Water softening systems involve an ion exchange process, removing magnesium and calcium from your tap water and replacing them with sodium ions. This gives your family clean and healthy water that’s gentle on our skin and appliances. Ready to find out how it works?

  1. First, the hard water enters the water softener tank. As it enters the tank, the water flows through resin beads charged with a sodium ion. This sodium ion is a negative charge.
  2. The calcium and magnesium minerals in the hard water are a positive charge. As always, opposites attract and the resin beads grab ahold of the mineral ions and remove them from the water.
  3. Last, the activated carbon, BlackCat Resin, and Quartz filter out any chlorine, bromine, and heavy metals from the water.

Through this process, the water is filtered through the various stages and your household is left with soft, filtered water. Having soft water has beneficial effects such as:

  • Softer hair
  • Softer skin
  • Colored clothing staying bright
  • Cleaner water for your family
  • Less wear and tear with appliances, leading to longevity.
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Utilize a UV Light Water Purifier To Keep Dangerous Pathogens Out of Your Water

Incorporating a UV Light into your home’s filtration system is a great way to enjoy water that is free from pathogenic microbes. The UV purifier disinfects by sterilizing anything with nucleic acids, including harmful pathogens such as Salmonella and Hepatitis. Call us today to order the perfect water filtration system for your family with ONIT Home.

Get Things Done Right the First Time With Professional Installation

Rest easy and let ONIT Home take care of installation through our professional services. ONIT Home’s professionally installed services make sure your property’s water is clean, safe, and incapable of damaging household appliances starting on day one. Call us today to schedule your professional installation.

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Protect What Matters Most With an Affordable, Industry-Leading Smart Security System

Having a smart security system through ONIT Home is as easy as one, two, three. We’re here to help you protect what matters most with reliable monitoring, alarms, and surveillance. Our smart security systems are budget-friendly, with 12-month financing and 0% interest. Visit us on our new website to learn more today.

Shape Your Future with Solar Rooftop Systems from ONIT Home

ONIT Home gives homeowners across the nation a brighter future with solar rooftop systems. Our residential solar power systems keep your electricity bill from rising and reduce your overall energy consumption. Solar rooftop systems are the cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy. Using the sun's energy to heat, cool, and power your home helps shape our future with less pollution.

Blast your air conditioning all summer long and enjoy the benefits of having a residential solar power system, right on your rooftop. ONIT Home is focused on delivering clean and affordable energy to businesses and homeowners nationwide. We provide energy-efficient designs to fit all your energy needs. There's never been a better time to switch to solar than right now! With electricity rates increasing, going solar can virtually eliminate your electricity bills, letting you enjoy a fixed monthly rate.

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Moving? Trust Our Complimentary Home Concierge Service To Set You Up for Success

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful! With home concierge service from ONIT Home, we’ll help you with the little things, so you can focus on the big move. We’ll find your utility information, set you up with cable and internet, and supply you with special discounts and tips to jumpstart your moving day to make sure it goes smoothly.

ONIT Home makes the phone calls, does the research, and gives you access to the top deals and service providers available. We’ll even switch your home address to your new house, so you never miss a letter. Whether it’s a move across town or just down the street, we're ONIT! Visit our new website or call us today to find out how we can set up your utilities for free and receive our moving checklist.


Find Affordable Rates on Car and Home Insurance With ONIT Home

Finding the right car and home insurance is simple with ONIT Home. Our licensed brokers are available to find you the best deals and supply extra savings when you choose to bundle. We also offer bundling deals with car and home insurance. Bundling car and auto insurance is a great way to save money and have all your information in one place.

Nobody wants to imagine taking out a deductible for both car and home insurance. Instead of doubling your effort, bundling allows you to get it all done, in one stop with ONIT Home. Contact us today for your personalized quote.

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Save More When You Bundle Services With ONIT Home

ONIT Home is your one-stop shop to create a space for every member of your family to enjoy. Bundle your purchases together for a $1,500 voucher to be used with our water filtration, security systems, or solar panels. Or, receive a $2,000 security system for $1,000 with a purchase of a water filtration system. Ready to go solar? Every solar panel system comes with a free home security and water filtration system! Learn more about our bundling deals today by calling us at 1-833-433-0331. Whatever you need, we're ONIT!

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